FLOTILLA 014-22-01

Flotilla 22-01, based in Huntington, NY, is an operational flotilla of Division 22 of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary -1SR District.  The flotilla supports Coast Guard Station - Eatons Neck, on Long Island Sound.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the volunteer civilian arm of the U.S. Coast Guard devoted to promoting boating safety. Our major activities are: educating the public through adult and youth education classes; Vessel Safety Checks (insuring that vessels have all the required safety equipment aboard) and Operations where Auxiliary vessels and crew do patrols scheduled by the Coast Guard. The preparation and training our members receive to enable them to perform their tasks as US Coast Guard Auxiliarists is among the finest in the nation.
We are a volunteer organization committed to assisting the Coast Guard in accomplishing its aims and missions. Our members take great pride and personal satisfaction in the volunteer work they do. As a volunteer, trained and prepared to protect the lives and property of your fellow boaters, you have the opportunity to provide a public service of the highest order. In addition, the benefits of membership such as discounts on your insurance, extensive educational opportunities and the fellowship of our organization are invaluable.
In addition, like any organization where each members safety depends upon the prudent actions of fellow members, a high degree of camaraderie exists between members.

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